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Majella Fitzgerald Presents is an original creative venture founded by Irish/London-based dancer Majella Fitzgerald that produces bespoke entertainment that is designed to transport and immerse its audience in the world of the past.


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   Inspired by  the  golden age of cinema and the social, cultural and artistic dynamism that defined the roaring 2os, she generates timeless and scalable entertainment that can be spectacular brought to life across a broad spectrum of  environment.

From weddings and parties to large-scale corporate launches and immersive activation events, Majella Fitzgerald Presents can be engaged to produce both intimate and expansive performance pieces that encompass all areas of production and which are artfully designed to fit any experience.

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Majella Fitzgerald presents



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Starting as an exclusive, night-time dining experience at The Ritz London, Majella Fitzgerald Presents has evolved into a scalable entertainment piece that offers a full, theatrical production that encompasses a unique blend of dance, music, costume and narrative.

Majella integrates all components of creative productions; offering a fully immersive, art-directed world that can be engaged for any live and/or recorded environment.

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